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Resacamping Système de réservation en ligne
CAMPING L'ESTUAIREEtoile campingEtoile campingEtoile campingEtoile camping
Situation du camping en france
La grange Godinet
Tél : 00 33 546860820 - Fax : 00 33 546860918

Web :

Abierto : 01/01/2019 -> Cerrado : 31/12/2020
Fotos y planos no contractuales
Photo produit campingPhoto produit camping
Capacité / Capacity Max 6 pers
Animaux autorisés / Dogs allowed
Superficie / Surface area ± 25.50 m²
Nombre de chambres / Bedrooms 2
Age / Years old ?
Arrivée>Départ / Arrival>Departure 15H → 10H
Quantité disponible / Quantity available 4

DESCRIPCIóN : 1 room with 1 bed 140 x 190, 1 room with 2 single beds side by side, living room area, fitted kitchen area, sink, 3 gas burners, fridge, microwave oven or gas oven, shower, washbasin, toilet separated (except “LOCK”), wooden terrace with garden furniture and sun umbrella.

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Tasa de estancia adicional. Cálculos sujeto a la validación por el CAMPING L'ESTUAIRE. Sólo las tasas que se indican en la factura son auténticos.
Info : Frais de réservation : 15 € Assurance annulation : (facultative) Assurance FFCC Taxe séjour : 0.66 €/j/p. Animal : 28 €/sem
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1/- Conditons of admission :
Only persons authorized by the campsite management will be permitted access to or accomodation in the campsite. Residence at the campsite 'l'Estuaire' implies acceptance of the regulations and the agreement to conform to them . The management is responsible for the safe operation ot the campsite and has the duty to sanction any failure to observe the regulations.

2/- Police formalities :
Each person spending at least one night in the campsite must provide proof of identity and complete the formalities required by the police. Unaccompanied minors will only be admitted with written parental permission ;

3/-Installation :
The tent, caravan and related equipment must be installed on the pitch, indicated in conformity with the directions given by the management and not on an adjoining pitch or access road.

4/-Reception :
The reception is open from 09:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 19:00, other times by arrangement. Full information on the facilities available to clients (sport, useful addresses, shopping and tourism) is available during opening hours. A complaints book is available for occupants. Complaints will only be taken into account if they are signed, precise and relate to relatively recent events or facts.

5/- Fees :
Fees are payable at reception and are calculated accordidng to the tariff shown at the entrance to the campsite and at reception. Visitors are requested to advise reception 24 hours before their intented departure and clients departing before reception is open are requested to settle any outstanding fees the day before ; (local tax, from june to september)

6/- Noise and silence :
All clients are required at all times to avoid noise and discussions which could annoy their neighbours and radios etc must be regulated accordingly. Closing of car doors and boots must be done discreetly. Pet owners must provide details of the vaccination certificates on booking. Dogs and other animals must be kept on a leash and must not be left unattended in any circumtances by their owners. Silence must be observed between 22:00 and 7:00 . No departures are authorized before 07:00 except in emergency ;

7/- Visitors :
Visitors are admitted on the responsability of the occupant of the pitch ; a fee is payable for access and use of the facilities by each visitor when the stay exceeds two hours. The tariff is shown at the entrance to the campsite and at reception . Visitors'cars are not permitted access to the site .

8/- Parking and driving on the campsite :
The maximum speed authorized is 10 kph. Vehicles may not be driven on the site, between 22:00 and 07:00. No unauthorized vehicles may be driven on the campsite. Parking is permitted only on the authorized pitch and must in no circumtances impeded access to the pitches ;

9/- Management and appearance of the facilities :
All clients are required to abstain from any action or omission which may cause damage to the cleanliness, hygiene and appearance of the campsite ; It is forbidden to pour used water onto the ground or into the gutters ; Caravan users must empty their used water into the installations provided for such purpose. Rubbish of whatsoever kind and paper must be placed into the dustbins provided ;
Clothes washing may only be affected in the sinks provided for such purpose. Clothes for drying must not be hung from trees. The flowers and trees on the site must be respected. It is not permitted to create a boundary with one's own materials or to dig the ground except for annual rentals and then only with the permission of the management. Any damage committed to the site or its installations will be the responsability of the author of such acts. Campers are not permitted to hammer nails in trees, cut branches nor plant flowers or vegetation. Children are not permitted to play in the washing/shower areas or create nuisance or damage ; failure to observe this regulation will result in exclusion from the site.

10/- Security :
A- Fire :
Open fires (wood, charcoal, etc...) are stricly forbidden. Barbercues (gas or charcoal) are permitted on days without wind ; Fire extinguishers are available to all. In the event of fire being discovered, the management must be informed immediatly. A first aid kit is available at reception for use , by a trained person ;
B- Theft :
The management is responsible solely for property left at reception ; a safe deposit is available. Clients must inform the management of the presence of suspicious persons on the site ; All occupants are requested to take the usual precautions as to the safety of the own property.

11/- Games :
No disruptive or noisy activity may be take place close to the installations. The games room must be left clean and tidy and care taken of the facilities. The meeting room may be used for lively activities. No vehicle (including bikes), can be parked or used in any way whatsoever in the children's play area ;

12/- Storage :
No equipment or belongings may be left at the site without the agreement of the management and then only in the designated place . A fee (details at reception), will be payable for storage .

13/- Swimming pools :
Shoes, pets and smoking are forbidden in and near the pools for the sake of hygiene . Access to the pools is possible only during the hours shown. The footbath must be used on arrival and departure. Regulations specific to the pools are on show at the entrance ; Failure to observe the rules may lead to expulsion from the site .

14/- Insurance :
Every person resident on the site must be in possession of public liability insurance ;

15/- Display :
The current regulations are affixed at the entrance to the campsite and at reception and may be inspected on request ;

16/- Contraventions :
In the event of a resident causing nuisance to other users or not respecting the campsite regulations, the management may orally or in writing if necessary, require such resident to cease causing a nuisance. In the event of repeated or serious conravention of the regulations and having been appropriately warned by the management, the camper causing nuisance may have his agreement withdrawn. In the event of criminal activity, the management may request the presence of police officers.

At about 19:00 on the Saturday evening of your arrival , the management and staff will be pleased to offer you a welcome drink on the terrace outside, the bar/restauant.

We wish you a pleasant stay !!!

I have read an accept the above conditions on behalf of my party.

He leido las condiciones generales de venta y se les adhiero sin reserva.